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Hello 👋

I am a full stack developer with extensive experience building software-based solutions and web applications for startups and small companies. I do this using a variety of tools and languages; including JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Node.js, and F#.

I am excited to be bringing my skills and experience to Melbourne.

There are two services I can provide to your business:

  1. Create externally facing web applications for your customers to use

    You have a product you want to build. It is innovative and will be massively useful to a large group of people. It makes sense to you but you don't know how to build it. It is more complex than what you could easily build with WordPress or Squarespace, but you still want it to look simple, clean and friendly. I can help realise your idea. Using the full gamut of web technologies, from database to web page design, I can make your vision a reality and build the fully featured app you need. Get in touch now to see how.

  2. Build internal tools that help you and your employees get your work done faster, easier, and with fewer mistakes

    I am keen to learn about your business and find out exactly what your needs are. Which processes are currently slow and manual? What is being done by hand that could be done by a computer in a fraction of the time, if only you knew how?

    Working closely together, we can sketch out what an ideal solution to your problems and inefficiencies would look like.

    Once the solution has been sketched out I can get to work. I will implement the web application, tool, or automated system to a high quality standard. The initial stage is a pared-back proof of concept, focusing only on the basics. This will help reassure us that we are going down the right path without taking too much time. We then iterate on this solution until you are happy that the tool satisfies your needs completely.

Let's start a conversation. Email me at


Technical Co-founder

Jan 2018—Present (part time)

I am the technical co-founder of, a furniture discovery and recommendation platform. I architected and built the entire backend platform and recommendation algorithm.

I also created the initial version of the front end web app and subsequently managed a front end contractor to build the rest of the front end.


Software Engineer

Oct 2017—Aug 2019

I worked as a full stack engineer adding features across all internal applications, including the primary monolith. During my employment I also executed a large scale modernisation of the front end stack, including adopting React, React Hooks, Redux and TypeScript.

I also presented several sessions to a mix of technical and non-technical colleagues. Topics included Regular Expressions, Git source control, functional programming and F#.


Software Engineer

Sep 2015—Jul 2017

I worked in the Data Intelligence team where I built a variety of internal applications, including:


Software Engineer

Oct 2016—Jun 2017

I developed a sophisticated vehicle tracking system that incorporated data from onboard video cameras, GPS tracker, accelerometer and gyroscope data. The project also included a server to capture all of this data and display it on a dashboard that would give the operator a "God" view of all vehicles at any given point in time.




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